Je naštěstí zrušen…

Dear Competitors,

I waited until the last minute to take decision about this weekend's Super Cup in Hungary, but now is clear, no chance to have human condition on Balaton. The wind is promising, but the water temperature declined 3 Celsius in 24 hours, currently 5,6 Celsius, the air is 2 Celsius, some area snowing and no chance to warm up.

I don’t want to influence the final result of the Super Cup tour with a race what will be discard for lots of you and the conditions are dangerous. So I cancel the Hungarian Super Cup for this year!

Hopefully next year we will be lucky again at Balatongyorok and we will have a nice slalom and formula competition again! Have a good race on the last Super Cup in this year at Croatia!

Please distribute this info for all your competitor friends!


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