Austrian Windsurfing Championship – 11.-13.10.2013

Dear Windsurfers, the Austrian Windsurfing Championship will start on Friday October 11. 2013 in Weiden/ Neusiedlersee until Sunday October 13. There will be Formula Races and Slalom (we will start Slalom if we have more than 13 knots)as it worked in the past very well. First possible Race will be on Friday 11am. Please send us your registration form until October 7. 2013 and be sure that you have an insurance as you need it for all other races in Austria and other countries. Enclosed you find the NOR in German it will follow an UK Version. For Austrian sailors, you can find everything about insurance on this website: Wish you a lot of nice days on the water!

Peter Wimmer Windsurfing Austria

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