Balaton žije!!!


I would like to invite you to the Super Cup at Balatongyorok on 28th-29th-30th of June 2013. Nothing changed compared to the previous years, we ordered the condition, what we had always on the competitions in the last years. Formula Windsurfing and Slalom races will be on the long weekend.
competition: Hungarian Super Cup 2013
venue: Balatongyorok/Hungary
date: 29-30-01 June/July 2012
classes: Slalom/Formula
entry fee: 35 Euro, what is cover both the Slalom and Formula classes
registration: 10-11 am 28 June
skippers meeting: 11 am 28 June
first possible start: 12 am 28 June
last possible start: 4 pm 30 June
Free parking for motor homes and caravans at the racing area and nice free dinner!
Every year, since we organize the Super Cup in Balatongyorok, we catch the 30 knots – so even with just 8-10 knots windguru forecast bring your slalom gear too.
Saturday evening will be the traditional free dinner for the competitors.
When you get this mail, please let me know in a short reply, what is your plan about coming and please share the info with other competitors on your country too. I'm waiting for all of you!
Here are some nice movie memories from the past – Super Cups at Balatongyorok. Enjoy it!
Super Cup Hungary 2010:
Super Cup Hungary 2008:
Super Cup Hungary 2007:

Hope to see you soon, drive safety,

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