International Austrian Windsurfing Championship – pozvánka


Dear Racer´s,

I am proud to inform you that the International Austrian Windsurfing Championship will start in a few days!

FORMULA until 13ktn and SLALOM if there is wind with more then 13ktn.

Enclosed the NOR only in German sorry, here are some details:

Where:  Yacht Club Weiden / Neusiedlersee
When: Friday October Sunday October 13.

Please send me your Entry Form with the following informations until October 7 12am, if there are less the 10 entries the race will be cancled:

   Sail number:
   mail Adress:
   number of sailing licence:
   number of insurance:
   Board type and number:
   Sails type and size:

Every sailor must have an insurance with an coverage of Euro
1.500.000.- and must be member of an recognized ISAF Association.

Registration is until Friday October 11. 10am, first possible start is on Friday 11am!

Hope to see you all in Weiden!

If you have any questions please contact me
Phone: +43 664 3556649

   Hang loose
   Peter Wimmer

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